So, you want to be a writer. You've written a book and you're ready for the next step. Well, here's the thing. It's a lot of rejections and a lot of hating the world. The frustration is paramount because let's be honest, most places you submit to want you to be already established. They want you to be published, have a website, have a fan base. They want you to have a pre-made platform. Form an agent stand point, I get it. But it's like graduating from college, applying for jobs, and being told you need experience. Well, duh. I need experience to get experience? Frustrating!

That's why some choose the self-publishing route. Because, after all those rejections, you spend that in-between time, waiting to hear back, building your website, building a base, submitting to magazines, promoting yourself. You get tired of waiting. Because even if you get an agent, who's to say you get your book published.

But, don't give up hope they're are lots of valuable resources out there if you don't land an agent.



09/22/2016 4:18pm

These ideas are so nice and a great help for the people looking for publishers. There are many people who want to write their own books, but face these issues.

12/01/2016 4:27pm

I’ve always wanted to become a professional writer. I know it’s not easy, but I believe it will be worth it. I try to listen to music before writing anything else. Personally, music is my passion. It is my inspiration to write a new piece. I believe that music can help me to write a better piece. I am so excited to fulfill my dreams. I am forever grateful to have my family that always supports me.

06/27/2017 7:23pm

This is my everyday mantra. Whenever I feel like giving up on my goal because it's starting to get hard, I always say to myself that I am never going to reach my goals by complaining how hard the journey is. The journey to success will never be easy. Not one successful person have reached where they are today by doing it the easy way because there is no “easy” way. You cannot expect for things to fall into your lap. You cannot expect to have that job position you've always wanted by simply asking for it. It's not that easy. What you want in life always requires hard work. That's the way life is and you have to accept the fact that you need to give it your all or else nothing will ever be yours.

Life is taught sometimes. But for the most time it is pretty easy! You just get used to it.

06/22/2017 12:30pm

I guess I am not good enough to become a writer. I don't want to try. Or should I?

06/27/2017 7:19pm

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