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** spoiler alert ** THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I'm in the minority, but no, just no. I hated it. Is the book interesting? Absolutely. Is the book well written? Yes. So why am I so angry? First some backstory:

16 year old Delia's Aunt has passed, leaving everything to Delia. Delia and her family are going to spend the summer fixing up the old place and selling it. Only it's not a house, it's the closed down insane asylum for women, nicknamed "Hysteria Hall." Only, the inmates weren't really insane, they were just strong-willed and defiant. But the house wants to hold on to all the troubled girls and soon Delia gets trapped. She learns the house is haunted and evil and she has to save herself and family from it's clutches before it's too late.

Spoiler Alert Starts Here......
Back to me hating it. Delia dies like 60 pages in. Dead, dead, dead, and then she's a ghost. And she's dumb. Like the stupidest person, only her parents are stupider. Delia gets freaked out an hour into being in that house and demands to leave. Later she attempts to leave so what do her parents do, lock her in one of the psych rooms. You know, the bed with straps that tie you down, where the inmate sleeps. Who locks their child in a psych ward for wanting to leave an insane asylum?!!!!!!!!!

The other reason I'm still angry, the ending. She spends the whole time whining because she wants to be with her family and then bam, she let's them go. Okay, so maybe character development. She sees they're growing up, moving on. But then, she disappears. Her and all the other ghosts turn into glowing beams and disappear! What. The. Frick. And her friend Florence, that turns out to be a psycho, helping the house, is just forgiven! And she also turns into a glowing beam.

What does that even mean?!



05/30/2016 8:40am

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I've read this book before! I am never a fan of horror/paranormal books an movies but my friend made me read this book. Honestly, I think having the concept of the girls inside the Insane Asylum is enough to get the attention of the readers. It is well crafted and thoughtful. I feel sorry for Delia though, what happened to her wasn't very fair and making her save the lives of her family is already too much to handle.

05/15/2017 10:05pm

I am planning to read The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall. I just can control myself in reading some reviews and spoilers, I just want to know them so badly. I am a big fan of horror stories. The author's creepiness and imagination amuse me. The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall is my 100th book to read and I can't wait to start reading it.

You are right about this story. I like your views, but the different people have different views and not all the people think like this. I think we must be realistic with our views.

11/01/2016 2:43am

Some story lines could be very stupid. Don't be angry about that.

12/16/2016 2:00am

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