Right now you're thinking that title above makes no sense and it might not, but to me it does. This is about the desire for change in the status of unions. Some unions are good, great even. They stand for the people that pay them, fight to give them what they deserve, but then there are others. The greedy, manipulative, selfish ones. For example, the local 1059. They just ratified a five year contract with a billion dollar corporation. The local union serves over 12,000 members and yet, they receive a $1.30 an hour raise over five years, their insurance drops to 80/20, and management gets an extra day, 4 instead of 3, to write them up.

So, here's the deal. You might be thinking, well, they voted for it. But did they? Only about 2000 people voted. Here's why. They had four locations set up. Only one was in Columbus, Gahanna to be exact. A small space with limited parking. The other places were farther out like Galion or Jackson. Now back to Columbus. There's a high portion of people that work in the Columbus stores that ride the bus. To vote would be quite a ride for some, especially considering there wasn't a bus stop near the building they voted at. Not to mention they give you a limited window for voting. Your schedule is already made. You might have to work that day, plus kids, a second job, etc.

Aside from this, add in the fact that the union only gave three or four days notice. They sent out letters and if you didn't get them in time, oh well. They hung a paper by the time clocks, but who reads those, and the union reps, no where to be found.

What's most distressing is the fact the employees have begged for years, "Give us more time to vote. Let us vote on-line. Give us more notice." But the union doesn't listen. Because they don't want you to vote. They want to deter people from voting. And if you do show up to vote, they say, "This is the best we can do." Because that's the catch, the won't tell you anything about the contract until and unless you show up to vote. You walk in blind. It's a beautiful system. Because the contract always gets ratified, raises added to healthcare never equal cost of living, and then union dues go up shortly after.



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I get your point. Unions should empower their members, not the other way around. These types of deals just make me angry. They make workers look like slaves. I would want some real change and real leaders for these unions. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. I hope ypu'll write soon!

02/02/2017 12:13am

The window of voting is really very limited! And it's awful!

05/18/2017 5:08am

Do not believe to the false prophets. They would lead you to a wrong way.


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