As I write this I'm sighing in relief. Finally, finally, they've fallen asleep. I know I should sleep too, they'll be up soon enough but the freedom of the quiet calls to me and I have to stay up a little bit longer. So, how do we do it? Write and parent. The answer is: Any free second. Any moment of distraction or alone time. Sometimes, when I'm editing, I just read it to them while I work that way I don't feel so guilty.

Writing is a passion, a love. I write whenever, wherever. I love my family. They are my inspiration to be better. It's not always easy to combine the two. To parent, work, and make a business of writing. To turn it into a new career path.

It's been a slow process, but the book I've finished Red River Song, only came about through the birth of my first child. He is the catalyst for this new series. It's taken longer to write but because of them, I've completed it and that's pretty amazing.

Looking at my children, I realize anything is possible, so I took a dream and made it a reality. Inspired by my life a few years ago, I wrote a novel, taking the characters on an epic adventure, full of wonder and chaos.



writing is my passion and dire aspiration. I wrote my first novel by recalling at my childhood days .And My happily Is my inspiration to be better and best.

07/02/2017 11:25pm

I experience the same situations as you do! I rarely have the time to go to sleep because my baby always wakes up in the middle of the night. I always get up to tuck her in and put her into sleep. It's hard being a mother because you do all the hard work while your husband is away at work. I'm not complaining because my baby is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I wouldn't trade all the late night sleeps for anything because my baby is my everything. And even though I am always exhausted, I will never get tired of loving her.

01/11/2017 8:18am

Motherhood has been said to change a woman. It changes a lot of things, and that's normal. One big thing that's affected by it, is your priorities in life. Of course, now that you have your child, of course you have to prioritze the task of being a mom. I understand that at some point you have to disregard writing because you have to be a mother. I'm telling you, it's okay. But if you can do both things at one time, much better!

05/18/2017 5:08am

I don't think this is the best strategy. We have a lot of books about motherhood.


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