Mind Games/Double Cross/Head Rush

This was a tough call. I love books. I love reading, writing, editing, anything related to books, including critiquing. It's been awhile since I've posted a review so I had to peruse my list of books to find something more on key with everything else I've reviewed on here. I tend to jump around between YA/NA and straight up adult novels. Romance, Fantasy, SciFi, Contemporary. But in thinking about what I've read recently this stuck out for me because Carolyn Crane the author served up some unique characters with a fresh plot. There will be spoilers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm reviewing a trilogy people.

Ever hear of a "psychological hit squad" or want to be part of one? Who doesn't? Justine Jones is neurotic to the extreme. She is a severe hypochondriac with a unique gift...she can project that onto someone else. She meets a man, Packard, mysteriously tied to a restaurant he never seems to leave, who teaches her how to project her fear onto someone else. She joins a team of disillusionists, who specialize in anger, gambling, self-esteem, and destruction, to recalibrate the bad guys. Along the way she meets Otto, a local hero, with plenty of secrets of his own.

The chemistry between Packard and Justine is amazing. Otto grosses me out as the other love interest. He wears a beret and it never quite clicked for me how she could be so easily manipulated by him in the beginning. Right from the start we know both these men are dark, darker than we can imagine. The plot flow through the first and second books are great. The buildup between Justine and Packard was thrilling. The dialog between them was always fresh and easy. The build up of the characters main and secondary are wonderful, especially the always dark Simon and the wonderful Shelby. But then...the third book.

And....SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Head Rush...Pissed me off. Okay the end of Double Cross and all of Head Rush angered me. But Shelby is finally happy. She's got her bff Justine and her beau and what happens....her love gets murdered. Her world is eternally sad and she's so awesome! Then Justine forgets about her romantic interlude with Packard because Otto has her memory erased. It wasn't even that, it was that she so easily believed that Packard was a monster. Grr. The main character goes from great to awful for me. And in the end I care more about the secondary characters, Shelby and Simon then I do Justine.

All of that being said, if you enjoy urban fantasy or want to try something a little different this is a great jumping off point. Maybe the ending will satisfy you, but for me I'm left wanting. Side note, there are inbetween books that cover some of the secondary characters but they don't have the same feel as the first two books of this series.



09/04/2016 10:01pm

Interesting post! I want to try out reading urban fantasy lately. I dont know where to start and, because of this post, I now know what to read first. I'll head down to my local bookstore later and search for these books! Thank you for this brief review of this trilogy.

11/23/2016 8:42pm

I am also into reading books as well. The feeling of the book and the smell of it make me feel relaxed. I consider reading books as my stress reliever. I felt like I am in another world or dimension when I am reading books. It made me forget all my problems for a while. Unfortunately, I can't read some of them right now because of my busy schedule. I would love to make time just to read those but I have to do some important things first. Nevertheless, after all these stuffs, I would definitely finish every book I have.

11/20/2016 4:53am

I really want to try that so much! If this is a good starting point...I will try it tomorrow ;)


I'm a bookworm and at the same time a bibliophile. I've already read thousands of books and owned a ten thousand of it in my whole life. My room now looks like a mini library and it has already extended to our guest room. I see and feel heaven, every time when I'm in the library. And surely, I will try reading this trilogy on the weekend.

11/27/2016 2:56am

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I have watched this trilogy wiht a great pleasure. Thanks for recommendation!

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