Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell
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This is a one off for me. It was a book I had been given last year and was on my reading list but I just never felt in the mood to sit down and read until today. Overall, it’s a solid read. Creepy, especially those damn little dolls, ominous, with an unsolved murder at the center.

The main character, Sophie, is playing the Oujia board with her best friend, Jay. She asks to speak to her cousin who died years ago. Through the Oujia board, which is a phone app btw, they’re playing in a restaurant, the dead cousin, Rebecca, passes on a rather mysterious message, including that Jay, will die that night. The lights go out, Sophie thinks she sees a little girl, a waitress gets burned, and by the next morning Jay is in fact dead.

At this point there’s no real connection to her friend, so his death brings no real emotional charge to the reader. But it leads her character to be more determined. She’s never known how her cousin died. She’s supposed to go visit them while her parents vacation. As a main character she’s not terrible. Sophie will state in the story that she should have put the pieces together sooner, etc. So it helps make up for her lack of seeing what can feel obvious at times.

Her Uncle, who is her mother’s step-brother, and her cousins Cameron, Piper, and Lilias all live in a former schoolhouse on top of a cliff. Cameron, the boy, was a musical prodigy whose hand was damaged in a fire. Lilias, is an odd child who is phobic of everything, and wasn’t born when Rebecca died.

As the story progresses we learn the Aunt is in a mental health facility, having a breakdown after Rebecca’s death. Rebecca, supposedly set the fire that injured Cameron’s hand, pulled wings off butterflies, killed the family cat, all because the Frozen Charlotte dolls told her to.

The dolls. Little chipped up porcelain dolls, naked, based on a song about a young woman who died on the way to a ball for not dressing warmly. The dolls start whispering, moving. We learn about the former school. The teacher fell down the stairs, a child was blinded, one jumped out a window, one was poisoned. The dolls want out of their locked glass room.

Jay pops up throughout as a voice in her head, if he were he’d say blah blah blah type of thing. But I got angry because at one point Sophie wants to leave and Rebecca has Lilias pass on a message that Jay says hi. Like, what a bitchy thing to do. Anytime she feels a disconnect or is ready to go, pop in Jay.

The story pits Cameron against Piper. At first I was pro-Piper, being the only sane person in the house but then you realize she’s a lying psychopath and why would you trust her. Which leads me to my biggest issue with the book. Cameron and Lilias know Piper is psychotic. The dolls have made her insane. She wears a necklace of doll hands for goodness sake. But, if she’s crazy and you think she murdered your sister, you know she’s the one who started the fire that ruined your hand and she’s the one that killed the cat, get away from her!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because she is a psycho. Towards the end, Rebecca shows Sophie how she really died and Piper watched and laughed and had no mercy.  It’s great writing but it’s messed up.

All in all it leads to a showdown. Piper burns the house down, the dolls burning, they take Piper with them. And all is well. Cameron is going to go to school by Piper and they’re going to “hang” it’s adorable. But, some dolls got away. Sophie tried to get rid of them, threw a bunch over the cliff, but they wash ashore to a little girl and they want to be her best friend.

I recommend it. It’s a quick read, a good read, but for me this is a type of book that’s a one-time read.



08/05/2016 3:09am

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09/06/2016 6:41pm

Any story with an Ouija board in it scares me to death. The psychopath is just another bonus. I don't like horror stories. That's what I keep telling myself because I am really a petrified nocturnal. But I can't deny that I am addicted to reading suspense even if I get scared to the point I can't live a normal evening life.

Ashley Mummey
09/21/2016 4:06pm

Agreed. I keep reading these books even though they terrify me and creep me out. I just can't help myself. This book drew me in with the creepy little dolls. Look them up online. They make even more awful.

08/22/2016 10:26pm

Omg, the dolls which are starting's very scary)) Thanks a lot, this is very good written!

Ashley Mummey
09/21/2016 4:07pm

Thank you! They remind me of these little dolls I had as a child that always scared me.

09/06/2016 10:09am

thanks for sharing

03/07/2017 5:00am

This is a cinematography that brings an idea of whispering dolls and little girls singing along in the dark.



Loved the way you have shared your views thanks alot for sharing will surely bookmarked this wonderful resource!

05/18/2017 5:01am

people would always afraid of staring creepy dolls. They are so unnatural.

07/04/2017 1:07am

Thank you for giving us such a good content to read.


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