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Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens

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I'd been debating about whether to read this book for months now and I finally decided to give it a shot......... It was devastating. This book bothered me on a whole other level. I wanted to cry. I sniffled back tears I was so enraged at Kiara and Kellan and sad for Denny. The whole time he was being cuckolded by Kiara and she was too blind and dumb to see it. This is a novel that you know is going to end horribly for all characters involved and I hated how the author tried to make it a fairly happy ending for all involved. It's not possible.

Kiara's been with Denny for two years, she follows him to Washington to finish school because she loves him. They end up living with his friend Kellan who's a singer. Denny's internship sends him out of town for two months. Kiara freaks out, gets super clingy, but lets him go. Her friendship with Kellan escalates until Denny calls and tells her he's been offered a full-time job in another state and he accepted. She effectively breaks up with him and sleeps with Kellan. Denny returns to her the next day, quitting the job and internship for her, and she never tells him what she did. Then her and Kellan have sex again when Kellan decides to leave to let her and Denny be happy. She won't let him go.

The whole book is her playing both sides, albeit she doesn't do it to be a bitch, she's scared and weak. Incredibly weak. The most trying part is when Denny finds out, his character is turned into a monster, beating the shit out of Kellan and then accidentally hurting Kiara, sending her to the hospital, he almost killed her. But then, Denny and Kiara stay friends. All is forgiven. Denny and Kellan stay friends and after all this there's more back and forth between Kellan and Kiara until they finally get together.

Another issue I have, is Kiara's jealousy. In the end, even when she's with Kellan, she's jealous of other women, having these 'what if' moments, like what if he got hit on and she wasn't there, would he cheat. cheated on Denny, with your current boyfriend...seriously? And before, her jealousy over Kellan was ridiculous. She was sleeping with her boyfriend and was jealous of Kellan and took it out on Denny.

There are times when she recognizes she's wrong...but my God it is awful. Kellan's patience with her is too much. In the end, Denny says she sees him as her security blanket and I have to say that's the best way I can describe the whole book. Her love with Denny was great and then he's gone, he goes a few days without calling her and she losses her shit. If she would have come clean immediately, we broke up, I had sex with your friend, things could have been different. But no, and there's no reason for her to be so needy or insecure.

One of the most emotional and best written scenes is when she's with Kellan and remembering her life with Denny. There's this ultimate back and forth in her, who she should be with, past or future. It's intense and incredibly emotional....I said emotional, right????

It's well written, a good plot, there are nice points, but it hurt my heart, poor Denny loved her and she hurt so many people with her inability to be honest.


08/24/2016 1:32pm

The idea of Thoughtless is so amazing. I love to read books that are good in its content. It is a great idea to share your reviews about the books you read.

11/22/2016 7:30pm

A Thoughtless story indeed! Sometimes it is hard to grasp and internalize such very emotional story. However, reading between the lines we can always realize how loving and hurting people can go together beyond our imagination. It is a sad and heartbreaking story for me and how people can be so dishonest and selfish at times no matter how they are loved and cared for. We can just always hope that fiction and reality would separate from each other, but sadly it is tend to be going toward each other and nearly the same. This is how the power of reality and Imagination works.


I would personally rate this 6 stars if possible. I was not interested in reading the book when I read its synopsis because it's somehow boring for me. But I gave it a chance anyway and after reading the whole story, the book instantly became one of my favorites. I love that I can relate to all the three characters (Kiera, Denny & Kellan Kyle). If you are a Fifty Shades of Grey fan, then this is for you.

02/14/2017 11:50pm

What a wonderful story you have shared with us. For me, based on the synopsis, I will give 4 out of 5 stars for the story. This story seems great. It makes us realize that love and hurt come in pairs. No one can love one another without hurting him/her. I have not read this book yet, but with this synopsis, I became interested to read the book. Thanks!

11/04/2016 8:36am

I'm not afraid of spoilers you have her. I think this is 4 out of five review! Well done!

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